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What to Wear to Yoga: Flowy Yoga Pants

November 28, 2013

The OM Collection's 3 Tier Yoga Pants

In our last What to Wear to Yoga series, we covered the pros and cons of wearing less (i.e. short shorts and bra tops). This week we discuss the benefits of flowy yoga pants acknowledging that body types, environments, or activities require different types of yoga fashion. Here is what The OM Collection recommends for yoga when you want more coverage or a looser fit.


Why Wear Flowy Yoga Pants?

Flowy yoga pants are a great option for yoga bottoms if you want a modest alternative, you are attending a yoga teacher training or yoga retreat, you are a teacher who lives in yoga clothes, or you need to transition quickly to your regular life after class.

Flowy yoga pants like our 3 Tier Flow Pants or our Faery Long Pants are a great transitional clothing item. Many teachers love these pants because they allow a free range of motion, dry quickly after a sweaty class, but they have the look of high fashion streetwear. Yoga teachers are one of our biggest client bases because they love the versatility of our line. Yoga is becoming more than an athletic pursuit, it has become a lifestyle. Being dressed for your day, while still having the option to drop in to a lunge is a benefit of a wide-leg flowy yoga pant.   

A loose fit yoga pant provides the most modesty, and is available in a variety of styles.  Choose a cropped length for warmer climates and a full length or heavi

The OM Collection's Faery Long Pant

er weight fabric for colder climates.  Wider leg pants can second as loungewear and are perfect for a home based yoga practice where you want to jump out of bed and begin your yoga practice.  Additionally, flowy yoga pants are an excellent choice for practicing Yin yoga were you hold a gentle pose for six minutes and relaxation is the primary focus. 

The simpler and looser the design the more conservative and modest the look.  Many women are sensitive about their hips and butt.  We recommend throwing a skirt over your yoga pants or wearing a pair of pants that include a skirt. The Lotus Pants with Skirt, Faery Capris, Ribbon Pants and Skirt and 3 Tier Flow Pants all include a skirt.  These styles are great as transitional workout clothes because of their built in modesty.

Our founder loves flowy pants, but she also loves doing inversions. One of her favorite pairs of pants is the The Lotus Pants with Skirt because of its ability to be tied under the knee. She loves wearing them to teacher trainings and workshops because they look great in pictures and they stay in place while she practices acro yoga and arm balances. 

Remember no matter what you choose to wear to your yoga practice, the most important aspect is your comfort. If you are feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable in your yoga clothing, you are more likely to be nervous

ly scanning the room or lack present in another form, which can lead to injuries.

Next week we'll be covering when leggings are the right choice for your yoga practice. Chime in for more on this next week!  

The OM Collection Lotus Pants with Skirt

The OM Collection's Lotus Pants with Skirt



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