The OM Collection is the first chapter in a larger project designed to bring conscious living in to the mainstream and to help create a more balanced and loving world. Mindful purchases of ethically produced and environmentally friendly products is one way all of us can use our dollars to create the change we want to see in the world. Best yet, conscious shopping this holiday season doesn't have to be expensive! We have put together our top 10 affordable gifts for the holidays.

Natural Fitness Double-Zip Hemp Yoga Mat Bag - Eco Yoga Gifts The OM Collection


1. Double-Zip Hemp Yoga Mat Bag ($24.99) For those that want to make the ultimate fashion statement, the Double Zip Hemp Yoga Mat Bag is both chic and sustainable.  The eco-friendly material is both strong and durable while the organic finish is the epitome of natural beauty.


Natural Fitness Yoga Hand Towel

2. Yoga Hand Towel ($14.99) Sweat can make you break your downward dog or lose your grip during bicep curls. This microfiber towel will  help you stay dry during even the most intense, sweaty classes and  workouts (even during Bikram, Hot Yoga, or a Yoga Practice with Weights).  Small enough to keep with you during your practice but big enough to get the job done.


The Queen of Hearts Faery Tank



3. Faery Tank by The Queen of Hearts ($45.95) Simple and sweet...the silhouette of this piece ads grace to any outfit. Curved along the front and back, the tank comes to a delicate point on either side of the body, working with a woman's curves.


The OM Collection Sadhu Backless Shirt



 4. Sadhu Backless Shirt ($49.00) A twist on our best selling backless dress, this shirt is versatile, comfortable and super sexy. We love it as a throw over workout clothes or as a bathing suit cover up. Wear it alone with a mini skirt or skinny jeans and drop jaws. We love this top over our funky sports bras including the fusion bra.


Natural Fitness Bamboo Yoga Block - The OM Collection


5. Bamboo Yoga Block ($19.99) Used to aid balance and ensure proper alignment in countless poses from half moon to triangle, these blocks are perfectly designed to help you increase your body's strength and stability while reducing your Eco-footprint.


Natural Fitness Grip Socks - Perfect for Winter Yoga Practice


6. Grip Socks - Ex. Small / Small ($12.99) The perfect winter yoga gift! Keep your feet warm while maintaining barefoot functionality!



Natural Fitness High Density Foam Roller - The OM Collection


7. High Density Foam Roller ($24.99) Pressure sometimes gets a bad rap. But, apply it to sore muscles and you get relief. By allowing you to employ continuous force over extended areas of the body, our rollers provide excellent muscle massage for your legs, back, arms and core.  Easy to use and hard to give up once you've tried them, Natural Fitness foam rollers with help you get ready to roll. Natural Fitness Adjustable Resistance Tube Kit The OM Collection


8. Adjustable Resistance Tube Kit ($29.99) Three levels of interchangeable tubes - from light to heavy - this versatile kit features patented adjustable handles that allow you to easily alter the resistance level as your muscles get stronger. 



Men's Verve Hanuman Knicker - The OM Collection

9. Men's Verve Hanuman Knicker ($50.00)  The Hanuman Knicker has all the fit and fabric characteristics of the short, but gives the option of having a layer of fabric between the arms and legs in difficult postures. Perfect for yogis of all levels!





10. Gift Card to The OM Collection (Starting at $25) Give the gift of conscious fashion this holiday!

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November 30, 2013