Sianna Sherman Teaching at Hanuman Festival Boulder, CO2014 marks my 20th year of teaching yoga. This journey has taken me far and wide around the globe and in and near to the center of my heart fire. I’ve witnessed so many changes in the yoga culture over 25 years of practice. It’s astonishing to me how the power of yoga is reaching out into the masses and calling for real action in the global community.

When I first gave up medical school for a gypsy path of traveling around the world to study yoga, my Kentucky family thought I had joined a cult and was making a ridiculous life choice. Now I return to Kentucky, and even the smallest towns have a yoga center in their hub. I remember searching for yoga teachers in the yellow pages and going to health food stores to look at the community bulletin boards in hopes of finding the local yoga teachers. I went back and forth to India seeking masters of consciousness and other pilgrims on the path of yoga. I never could have imagined the epic quantum leap that yoga would make in the west over the next two decades.

The OM Collection Protesting in Lotus Pants with Skirt

There is something very close to my heart that I want to speak about at this time: this is the call to activation in both the individual and the collective whole. I have witnessed a great rise in community power during this time, with yoga serving as a call to action in both the individual and the collective whole. Yoga is serving as an anchor to bring conscious people together who want to see real change. Marianne Williamson is a huge inspiration for me. As she runs for a seat in Congress, she speaks of the need for change from a “transactional” politics to a “transformational” politics and from “competition” to “collaboration.”

The big feeling of collaboration is rising more and more. I see it in the yoga festivals that have been so full-heartedly embraced by the yogis in these last several years. There is less movement towards a one right system of yoga and an increasingly wide embrace of all yoga styles as one yoga family. It’s amazing to be part of this growing global yoga family connected through social media. The spirit of yoga is traversing through diverse cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.

I have chosen to become an OMbassador because the yogini spirit of The OM Collection’s founder, Katie Armstrong, yogini spirit is full of heart, dedication, mastery and freedom of expression. Her clothing holds the essence of the wild earth, gypsy spirit and the creative power of Shakti.  She is a dedicated yoga practitioner and holds with respects all the different faces of yoga styles. Her clothing hugs the body, flows with elegance and feels harmonious with nature.

One by one, we are activating our truth, our creativity and our willingness to break through our limited perspectives and the stagnancy of the status quo. One by one, we are finding each other at yoga festivals, yoga studios, yoga conferences and conscious events of collaboration. The heart tribes are getting together all over the world and we can stay connected online through social media and directly online in the center of our heart fire!

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December 20, 2013