Coachella is the contemporary twist on Woodstock, with miles of grassy knolls and a sweet scented breeze blowing through your hair. My first trip to Coachella was in 2013, shortly after my annual design trip to Bali. I was asked to perform as a dancer on one of the daytime stages. Having been a lifelong lover of live music and summer festivals I was delighted for the opportunity. 
Every festival has a different vibe. The landscape, music and attendees create a world of their own. Coachella felt care free and light hearted, buoyant and youthful. I felt a  sense of joy and ease the entire time I was there.  Unlike the dusty and overcrowded events that have come to define music festivals, Coachella felt spacious and lush. 
The attendees are polished, with hair and makeup that were photoshoot ready. The style, a mix of boho chic and LA street style, has designers from both coasts attending with a keen eye for next years inspiration.  
Coachella has its own style, its own language. Short shorts, short shirts, short music sets and lots of short but sweet conversations. 
The OM Collection, much like my own style, was born out of a love for travel, a passion for dance and music, and a desire to express my free spirit wherever life takes me.  So whether you're heading to Coachella soon, or you're simply being inspired by it from a far, check out these must have Coachella fashion picks:
Sadhu Backless Shirt   Crop Yoga Top   Cropped Cowl Hoodie   Reversible Goddess Top   Keyhole Cropped Mock Turtleneck
Isabel Bell Bottoms // Organic Cotton Tie Dye   H2OM Bell Bottoms // Cosmic Peacock   Tulip Mini Skirt   H2OM Full Length Leggings // American Spirit Print   Reversible Goddess Top with Hood
April 11, 2016