I was having a conversation with a dear ex-boyfriend of mine and he pointed out that sometimes I sit on the shore in a place of worry, feelings of not being good enough, and doubts, instead of swimming in the sea of everything I am and desire.  Well, it got me thinking (the visual was very helpful), and I decided I want to swim in the sea of everything I want to bring in to my life including prosperity, abundance, success, love, passion-YES, I want to bathe in it!  All of the sudden I was picturing basking in the sea in the feelings of all of these things that I am calling in and it really lit me up!

Bringing intentions into actualization takes some patience, self love and support.  I opened my first big venture at 24 years old, a restaurant and music venue, which took a lot of courage in learning to tap into my strengths, being really honest and getting the help I needed with my weaknesses, getting real about my fears, and learning not to give up.

Here are some powerful tools I learned along the way.

  1. Know your direction and path you want to take and good god make it something you are passionate about.  Take the time to be clear in what it is you really desire. Write down the steps it will take and a timeline for getting it done.  Write down benchmark goals or intentions you want to reach and be realistic.  If you get to a point where you just can’t meet it, it is ok to adjust where needed but don’t give up, be patient with the process and keep focusing on the road towards accomplishment. And if it feels like a big huge haul that doesn’t feel very good, then know you need to re-evaluate your direction.
  2. Tell People. Build a support and accountability group. It is key to have friends or colleagues that you check in with about progress, highs, lows, successes and advice.  Make sure to choose people that you trust, find someone who is your cheerleader and with whom you can reciprocate the support. Sharing your intentions, goals, and how to’s with others helps hold you accountable, and telling people helps make it all feel more real.  As 2014 hit, I wrote a manifesto that I sent to my entire staff including everything I want to bring in for the new year and I try to check in with it daily or at least weekly to stay on task.   
  3. FEEL it.  What will it feel like to accomplish your dreams, intentions and goals?  Sit with the feeling, swim in the sea of what you want to feel and that will help keep you motivated to get there. The universe will recognize those feelings and help guide you. Sit with it daily or weekly if you can. Set some time aside in the morning for how you want to set up your day or week and feel the sensations in accomplishing what you set out to do. Give thanks for the guidance in carrying it through.
  4. Take care of yourself.  It is important that you feel good.  It is difficult to stay inspired and motivated when you aren’t feeling at your best.  Exercise regularly and mix it up to keep your brain active and your body working on all cylinders.  Adorn yourself and dress the part (thank goddess for Om Collection helping me feel comfortable and looking fabulous at work and play!).  Make sure you have quiet down time as well as social time with friends/family to revive and rejuice. Drink plenty of fluids and think of your food as nourishment-what are you fueling your body with?  These things are just as important to success as the work goals are.  Creating balance between work, play, relaxation, and wellness is vital.
  5. Lastly, be gentle with yourself.  More then likely there will be some hiccups, frustrations and disappointments along the way.  This is where the most valuable lessons are learned.  You learn so much from failures so that you can rise again with more wisdom and more strength. Remember during the hard times, it is important to continue to focus on the feelings of success.  Focus on what you want to achieve not on the risk or what could go wrong. Know that it takes perseverance and you will likely have to get out of your comfort zone, but I guarantee if you can dream it, you can make it happen.  

As we move into this New Year, be loving to yourself. Remember that talk I had with the ex boyfriend? Well, that was just a few weeks ago.  It is a constant practice. No matter how much I have accomplished or how long I have been known as a successful entrepreneur, I still sometimes have to stand up on that beach, peel off the worry and what ifs, and jump wholeheartedly into my sea of success.  It is time to ride those waves…..

Wishing you all love, light, prosperity and success beyond your wildest dreams in this New Year! 

Jill Emich


Jill looks fabulous at our Om Collection fashion show, held at Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place, wearing the Faeryland Dress with Cotton Tulip Capris (left), and the Faery Tank with H2Om Cropped leggings [coming soon!] (right).

January 22, 2014