Full Moon Greetings!

dance-feminine-masculineTonight we experience the Blood Moon. The Earth will align directly in between the Sun and the Moon, causing a total lunar eclipse.

The fiery Mars right next to the Moon will bring his fierce red glow to the night sky, adding his strong masculine energy to the picture.

And we journey into the season of Beltane – the celebration of love, fertility, and sexuality.

The Dance of the Masculine and Feminine.

Mmmmmm… Sounds fun, doesn’t it?!

In the Goddess traditions, the ritual of sacred sexuality blessed the fertility of the land and the health and life blood of the people. It represented the union of opposites that created harmony and balance on a energetic and spiritual level that then manifested into the physical realm. Goddess magic at its finest!

This Full Moon Eclipse in Libra heightens the focus on our relationships and the dynamics in our relationship. How do we find harmony and balance in ourselves, within our relationships? How do we restore balance and harmony between the masculine and the feminine on this Earth?

And again, we must first look within. Where is the balance of the masculine and feminine lacking in our own lives?

As a whole, our culture is dominated by the energies of the masculine. The feminine qualities of receptivity, surrender, mystery, wildness, intuition, the feelings, embodiment, love, fluidity… are valued much less than the masculine qualities of being goal-oriented, focused, disciplined, organized, structured, competitive go-getters. And while both are essential, it is the balance of the polarities that bring us peace and harmony – within and all around.

Many of us naturally lean to one polarity or the other, and we tend to look for the balance outside of ourselves. We look for and attract our ideal man or woman to complete us. We “need” him or her to round out the yin to our yang, or vice versa.

But the good news is that the masculine and the feminine are not a continuum. Having more of one does not mean you have to have less of the other. We can be abundant in both our juicy feminine and our potent masculine! In doing the work to cultivate the masculine and feminine within, we become the balance and harmony.

And then, from choice rather than need, we dance in relationship.

So let’s have some fun with ourselves and try out some self-talk…

Tune in to your feminine:

  • How does She feel?
  • What does She want?
  • How does She need to be supported, cared for, and loved?

Tune into your masculine:

  • What does he need?
  • What will support him in his purpose?
  • How can He let Spirit come through?

Then, take them on a date and let them get to know each other. What do they need and want from the other? After a while, be sure to dim the lights and turn up the music. Get romantic and welcome the dance.

Let me know how it goes!

With abundant love & gratitude,
Dayna Seraye

April 14, 2014