By Jill Emich
Community Leader, Truth Seeker, Proud OMbassador. 

Happy Summer Y’all!

Jill Emich OMbassador
Now is the time 


OUT of our caves….

STOKE the inner fire.  SMELL the flowers, STEP INTO the flowing stream and feel it wash away what once was, and what doesn’t anymore serve. Open your Heart full and wide.   Now is the moment to come into the light, into the sunshine, and to bask in the inner glow.  It is a time of community, passion, beauty, magic, and visions coming into actualization.

OMbassador Jill EmichWe need one another to coax us out.  It is amazing what a smile, heart communication and truth will do for yourself and for another.  To see the beauty in each of us on our individual paths, to feel the interconnectedness between all of our beautiful souls and to be able to support one another in that is THE DIVINE. Different archetypes yet similar souls all searching, reaching, digging and emerging, coming into view so we can REALLY see one another with love and acceptance. Light a path for someone, give a helping hand, smile, speak kindly, it does wonders for the soul and the collective soul.  And know too that you have all the support you need inside of you as well, to SHINE as bright as you can imagine.  You are magic, you are a miracle; you are unconditional love and that RADIATES though and from you.   Move forward with an open heart.  Feel into expansion and let your wings unfurl. 

Now is the time.

Inspired by a beautiful Boulder morning bike ride and some Nahko and Medicine for the people.  Feeling the love and gratitude….

OMbassador Jill Emich Dayna Seraye

June 24, 2014