The OM Collection believes in four season fashion.  No need to pack away your favorite summer pieces when the cold snap hits.  Instead, simply add a pair of boots and add a few layers for a chic winter style.

Leggings are great choice all year long and a perfect style if you need to transition from life to a yoga class with no time to change.  If you prefer hot yoga we recommend our H2OM legging line.  


Or if you prefer natural fibers, our organic cotton tie dye panel leggings have been a huge hit this year. All of our leggings can be paired with a winter boot and a tunic style top for instant street appeal.  Sleek black boots are great for a city chic look.  Try a pair of tassled moccasins if you want to create a boho look.  


Our line is designed in Colorado where temperatures can fluctuate 30 degrees in just a few hours. Layers are the key to staying comfortable, being prepared, while having the added benefit of keeping your summer clothes viable in the winter months.  We designed our OM Cropped Cowl Hoodie (link and a picture with a long tank underneath:  as the perfect post yoga hoodie.  Landing just below the bra line allows your yoga tank underneath to dry after class.  This piece keeps your arms warm and gives you the option of a hood or dramatic neck line.  We also love it over empire waisted dresses and tunics.  Turn your favorite summer tank or dress in to an all year classic with our favorite new hoodie.

The trick to laying is color and balance.  Instead of concerning yourself with every item of an outfit "matching" perfectly, aim to have the overall look flow together.  Start with the most basic layer, such as a tight tank top  ) and leggings and add one piece at a time.  Everything is sure to work together if you take this "one layer at a time" approach.  

If the weather is mild, add a thin long sleeve top such as our zip hoodie or textured tunic


On colder days, simply start with the base layers mentioned above and add a heavy jacket or for a more creative look incorporate more fun flowy layers.  A skirt worn over leggings can provide a surprising amount of warmth and a ton of style. Check out our petal butt cover and our om mini skirt   


Similarly, the more layers of fabric you wear over your torso, the more your body can retain the heat of your core.  We once paired a flowy tank over a tight tank top, wore our crop hoodie over that and sealed everything in with a vest.  

Layering can be fun.  Its an opportunity to play with more colors and textures.  If you love the layered look, but feel intimidated to try it yourself.  Consider our pre-layered 3 tier pants.  No one will know its all one piece!


September 19, 2014