What to wear to yoga
What to wear to yoga...does this cross your mind very often? Working out in the middle of the day can pose a problem to many of us with lives... we have a job, have an event, a schedule, kids to get to soccer and ballet, presentations, meetings, dates, dinner engagements --and, need to fit in a workout in the middle of all this. And a change of clothes narrows down the time frame just that much more. More to think about, more to pack -- where to stuff them...

What to wear to yoga

1. Wear Something for Yoga to Dancing
The Om Collection has handled this brilliantly by crafting stylish comfortable yoga clothes that can take you where ever you want to go in your day, or night. Check out these stylish womens yoga bottoms and see if these couldn't translate from the yoga mat to a night out dancing on the town.

Check out these women's yoga dresses and see if these couldn't take you from your workout and then out dancing. You might also want to look at some of The OM Collection's women's active wear

2. Wear Something with Ease
Plan your next trip, your college week, your family Sunday, your weekly meeting schedule around these stylish body conscious fashion statements and yoga will fit in seamlessly anywhere and anytime you need it.

3. Wear Something with Originality
Did we mention originality? More than all these practical aspects, with The Om Collection you will feel like the goddess you are. The OM Zip Hoodie illustrates this beautifully. If you love style, ease, practicality and originality that honors your feminine and creative sensibilities, look no further and see what is new at The OM Collection today.

November 02, 2015