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The OM Collection Leads the Way in Functional Fashion

February 26, 2013

A soul-searching adventure to Bali led former lawyer, Katie B. Armstrong, to found The OM Collection, a clothing company specializing in handmade, eco-friendly, and artist inspired clothing.  

The OM Collection’s inspiration comes from Armstrong’s personal adventures where style needed to be “versatile, travel friendly, elegant, and comfortable.” Katie set out to make clothing one can “wear to a board meeting, then to yoga, then dinner and dancing in Las Vegas or at a concert”. Check out her famous backless dress, a layering piece that can be worn all around the world and in many different settings.  

Living in Colorado also inspires Armstrong’s designs.  ”Boulderites have an active and bold lifestyle,”she says. “I design clothes that can keep up with them while they follow their dreams.”  

Armstrong describes her designs as a “tool for personal expression, and encourages people to see themselves as walking pieces of art.”  She wants men and women to feel sexy and strong while wearing The OM Collection so they can put their most authentic foot forward.  She carries designs from thirteen different designers as well as her own, guaranteeing that she can adorn men and women from every corner of the world ranging from lawyers to athletes and yogis to artists. 

The OM Collection’s website currently features up-and-coming yoga and dance professionals, including such local talent as:  Nancy Kate Williams, Jason Bowman, Rainbow Michael, and Shakti Sunfire. “We choose real people who are living inspired lives to represent our collection,” Armstrong says. “We are trying to promote a way of being in the world and not just a brand.”

Armstrong also sells her clothing at festivals and events. Her first event was the 2011 Hanuman Yoga Festival in Boulder where her clothing line was met with excitement.  You will see The OM Collection at Hanuman again this June, as well as Yoga Journal Conference in Estes Park, and several of the Wanderlust Festivals. 

Mark your calendars for February 1st, when The Om Collection launches its Annual Warehouse Cleanse, when all lightly dusted festival clothes are sold at a significant discount in her store and on her website.  You can also find Armstrong at Raw Denver, where she will be competing for Best Denver Designer, on February 15. Click here to buy tickets for the competition.

The OM Collection’s flagship store is located at 2035 Broadway in the front of Om Time yoga studio.  Additional designs are available online, as well as at Yoga Pod and Factory Made, in Boulder.

Photo: The OM Collection’s Faery Long Pant

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