The American spirit was tested again this September 11thThe national news was commemorating the twin towers attack and giving thanks to the heroic fire fighters that risked their lives in 2001. Meanwhile, Colorado citizens were beginning to confront their own impending disaster. The skies opened up and a heavy rain began to fall.  Colorado would not see its famous blue skies for over a week.  

The rivers and creeks rose quickly, and citizens took to the street in awe of the water's power. Facebook was inundated with images of creeks pummeling over pedestrian bridges and updates of road closures and businesses shutting their doors. At first it seemed like a novelty; college students were tubing down bike paths that were now rivers and people were enjoying an unexpected holiday. As the days of rain mounted and basements began to fill, it became clear how vulnerable modernity is in the face of Mother Nature.

I've lived in Colorado for over 13 years and I've never seen rain like I did last week.  As a student of environmental design I knew the inevitable destruction to Colorado's infrastructure when (“not if”) the 500 year flood happened. It was an ominous feeling to go to bed and wake up day after day to more rain.

As the founder of the yoga lifestyle brand The OM Collection, my business is my baby.  I run The OM Collection out of my home in the small mountain town of Lyons, CO north of Boulder, CO. When the water shut off in my home and tales of destruction were flooding the internet, I knew we were in for a rough ride. We lost power and all communication a few hours later.  When the lights go out, our internal flame becomes brighter and clarity of purpose has a way of rising to the surface. 

The community came together around the disaster, hugs and food were shared, and we remained optimistic, hoping to provide the world with an example of how to handle crisis. People shoveled mud out of each other's homes and found creative solutions to diverting the flow of the water. I will never forget the pride experienced being part of such a loving and awakened community. Little did I know that my friends in Boulder were already answering my prayers and creating a new place for me to live and a temporarily respite for my business. 

All the roads and bridges in and out of my town collapsed. We were isolated without power, water, sewage, or modern communication. Supplies became sparse and our evacuation became eminent. It was likely I would never live in my home again and I was confronted with a dramatic choice. We all were. We could become defeated or allow this powerful cleanse to initiate a fresh start. 

Ultimately, I felt grateful. I lived on a hill, and while I will never return home again, my possessions remained largely intact. I was left with a newfound optimism and vision of where The OM Collection and my life were now destined to flow. In comparison, many people lost everything but the shirt on their back. 

In the aftermath of the storm, we have all found ways to cope and move forward. At The OM Collection we were supported by an amazing team of volunteers who swept in and helped us take stock of what remained, and strategize for how to move beyond the loss. 

This renewal leads to a few exciting announcements from The OM Collection team.

First, we will have a Flood Sale to make up for two lost events including the canceled Yoga Journal Conference in Estes Park.  Summer items and retired designs will be marked at clearance prices, and  our best sellers will be marked down for a limited time.  To get first shot at these items, subscribe to The OM Collection newsletter. We will send you access days before the rest of the world. 
Second, we launched our new whole sale line, which is ironically called H2OM and features our Three Tier Flow Pants and a legging and bathing suit line ideal to be worn as SUP yoga clothing (Stand Up Paddleboard clothes) and perfect for your hot yoga practice. These yoga lifestyle clothes are quick to dry and very water friendly. Stay tuned as the H2OM full line will launch on our retail website in the next two weeks.
Third, we will be sharing tips and inspiration for living a conscious lifestyle by having weekly blog contributions about fitness, nutrition, fashion, yoga, and much more by The OM Collection team our fabulous new OMbassadors™ .

 So as the days get shorter and we move closer to the darker months of the year, remember your internal light is there to guide your way and lead you to your higher purpose.  


In the meantime, please help us flow in to our next chapter and weather the 500-year flood by joining our mailing list, enjoying our new blogs, and taking advantage of our Flood Sale. Also, we're new to Twitter & Instagram and we would love to connect.


Stay tuned for more announcements as we launch our exciting new winter collection!














October 01, 2013