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Why Organic Cotton Matters for Your Yoga Lifestyle

October 23, 2013

The OM Collection is the first chapter in a larger project designed to bring conscious living to the mainstream. As a sustainable lifestyle clothing company, the materials we choose and how we produce our clothing are at the forefront of our decision making process. We aim for ecologically sustainable practices that promote a healthy lifestyle for the individuals that sew our garments and protect everyone involved from toxic dyes and bleach.

Using organic cotton is a conscious fashion statement. It's soft hand feels great against the skin, and it retains its form because its fibers have never been weakened by bleach.  We use organic cotton in our transitional clothing line because it looks great on and off the yoga mat.  Try our famous tulip capri in Organic Cotton as a great practice legging that looks city chic paired with a pair of black boots and a tunic.  

Receiving compliments on the way you look will feel more rewarding when you know you are supporting a healthy environment and fair trade practices with your purchase. 

Practicing Ahimsa with Organic Cotton Clothing Ahimsa, “to not harm,” is a concept western yogis can continue to develop through their conscious consumer power. The OM Collection practices Ahimsa off our mat by assuring our supply chain is improving the health and well being of its workers. 

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 20,000 workers die each year from the toxicity of growing and processing conventional cotton. We care about our workers, they are our family and friends.  We seek to educate our entire team on the benefits of using Organic cotton and other sustainable fibers such as hemp and recycled plastic water bottles, in order to reduce the need for heavily processed or toxic fabrics.  Help The OM Collection practice our Ahimsa by spreading the word about our $300 clothing giveaway for a victim of the recent Colorado Flooding


Fusion 4 Strap Organic Cotton Bra by The OM CollectionOrganic Cotton Clothing and Your Health Our skin is the largest organ of our body.  What we place on our skin has an effect on our health and wellbeing. Organic cotton clothing is free from many toxic chemicals, thus minimizing absorption through the skin. Feeling good in our skin, and feeling empowered by our conscious choices are key elements to living a good life. To learn more about reducing toxicity in your wardrobe and your life, we recommend you review the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database.

Life is full of lots of decisions. Being a conscious consumer requires weighing the pros and cons of every purchase.  The OM Collection works to provide a myriad of fabric and stylistic options so that the consumer can decide which choice is in alignment with their core values. As a company we continue to search the earth for new options in fabric and technology.  When appropriate we use Organic Cotton, but we also source synthetic fibers, recognizing that certain activities require a higher level of performance and durability.  Check out our newest line of technical products made from recycled plastic water bottles great for SUP yoga (stand up paddle board) and hot yoga. See our recent inspiration for ethical and environmental fabrics on Sustainable Fabrics Pinterest Board.

If you want to see The OM Collection’s latest organic cotton items in person, be sure to attend our upcoming runway show at Shine Restaurant & Gathering Space in Boulder, Colorado.

We want to learn about you. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @theOMcollection and post your photos using #OMAhimsa and #LiveYourOM. 

How do you practice Ahimsa in your life?

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