"The mystical experience is nothing more than bringing awareness to your natural connection to the universe."

Ceremony and ritual are a beautiful way to weave meaning into your life.  Whether you are calling in something new or releasing something that no longer serves you, creating a ceremony can be a powerful way to show the universe you mean business.

This 15-minute video by Katie Armstrong, founder of The OM Collection and Inspired Living, will offer real-life examples for how to weave ceremony into your life, offer you prompts for creating the perfect event for you, and encourage you to start now. 

Katie will go into detail in the video, but here are the written prompts to guide you on your journey:

1. What is the topic of your ceremony and what is your intention for creating it?

2. How do you want to feel during this ceremony?  In other words, what emotions and feelings are you trying to evoke that will serve you greeting this intention?

3. What are the details that will bring this ceremony alive?  What people, places, and things can weave additional meaning into this special experience?  Bring all of yourself to the experience and watch the unfolding.



May 30, 2020