Introducing: Divine Play by The OM Collection. Versatile wearable art designed to support the play that most inspires you. Every collection has an origin story. This one is three years in the making...

It’s easy to forget about play in a world of strict schedules and a perpetual stream of deadlines. Who has time for frivolity, spontaneity, and creativity in today’s fast-paced narrative? Why play with time that could be better invested in future successes and distant happiness? Therein lies the catch; to play is to explore, to expand understanding and potential. To play is to make the impossible… possible! Our Divine Play Collection seeks to inspire your adventurous spirit, to unleash your creative genius and share your gifts with the world!

At The OM Collection we strive to create ethical clothes with a conscience, to tread lightly on our beautiful planet. Divine Play is the latest installment of our sustainable fashion eco on demand line. Each piece is lovingly made to order in the USA. This eliminates the need for excess fabric, dyes and production supplies. We significantly reduce our environmental impact by using only what we need and forgoing the surplus of inventory common in many fashion brands. By manufacturing and shipping directly from the USA we reduce the environmental burden of overseas shipping and ensure that our production facilities adhere to strict ethical guidelines. We donate a portion of every single purchase from our Made in the USA line to support the Earth Day Network Canopy Project whose reforestation initiatives aim to plant 7.8 billion trees by 2020!

We are thrilled to showcase the incredible work of talented artists including Colin Heaney. Check out his work on our new Manifestation Print! Find versatile side tie shorts, sexy strappy bras, sleek leggings and more. Manifestation incorporates vibrant reds and courageous purples to inspire your most magnificent dreams!

Divine Play provides functional wearable art for all manner of physical practitioners, performers and lovers of vibrant creativity! With a wide array of cuts and our most diverse range of sizes to date, there’s something for everyone. Created with our brand new Italian compression fabric, each piece is designed for maximum comfort, support and reliability. They hug in all the right places and stay put through even the most invigorating yoga practice or late night dance party! You’ll be ready for anything with our new quick-dry material. Find flattering High Waist Leggings, flowy Bell Bottoms and supportive Crop Tanks that transition straight from Pilates class to a night on the town!

We believe in the importance of play, in the impact of exploration, of education and the choices we make as conscious consumers. It’s our mission to create ethically and environmentally sustainable clothing you can feel great about wearing. We aim to empower artists and wearers alike to cultivate and share their diverse gifts. Don’t hold back - the world needs your bold spontaneity. Who knows who you will inspire?

April 20, 2019