Create financial independence.....(or at least fund a brand new wardrobe) by promoting ethical fashion.  

When you join Phase 1 of our Ambassador program, not only will you get a discount on clothing, but you will receive a commission on all the sales you inspire. 

Whether you're a yoga teacher, influencer, or mom with a love for can get rewarded for promoting The OM Collection to your friends, family and fans. You will receive both a discount code and special link to share; the more you influence, the more you make. 

Here is our payment commission structure:

For reference, our average online order is $ you will quickly escalate through the system making a higher percentage the more involved you become. 

But thats not all, Phase 2 of our Ambassador Program will enable you to directly sell our product to your community for a much higher percentage.  You will receive all the materials you need to pre-sell up-in-coming collections. Become a personal shopper or stylist, host events or simply invite some girls over for a party. Supplement your income, or create a whole new career...its totally up to you.

In the past, we've seen influencers sell $2500-$8000 at a trunk show for under 12 women.  Who do you know that would LOVE to by The OM Collection, and would love your advice on what to purchase. You'll receive 25-40% of all those sales.  

And have no fear, support is near.  We are available to answer all of your questions and coach you in to making all of your dreams come true.  

Ready, Fill out this form and you'll be well on your way to building an income promoting and selling ethical fashion. 


October 15, 2018