We’ve gotten tons of emails since announcing our close. I’m grateful for such an outpouring of love and support. While the future is always a mystery and I try to remain open to cosmic guidance; all signs are pointing to OM closing by the end of year. 

We’ve had several people still wanting to buy new styles who are uncertain about sizing. In order to accommodate these customers we will allow non-warehouse items to be returned for store credit if *purchased between now and 9/30/23.*

During this window , if you purchase more than one size of the same garment (it does not need to be the same color) we will allow for a full refund of one of the sizes if returned within 14 days of receiving the garment. 

All returns will need to be handled by the customer, our automated system will not work for this special opportunity. 

Additionally, please note we will not be restocking out of stock items and we do not plan to offer this option again. We do intend to keep offering our on demand styles until we fully close. 

I sincerely hope this allows for everyone to grab a few more special Om items before we shut our doors. 

I’m going to miss this community. 

September 18, 2023