We’re gearing up for summer here at The OM Collection!

We’re eagerly awaiting the return of springtime dresses and warm nights, every glorious day infused with the spirit of adventure.

With daylight savings and gradually longer days, the motivation to hit the gym and up my fitness game is building. My main goal is to feel strong and embodied for the seasons to come so I can check off all the dreams on my summer wish list!  (Feeling beach ready when I head to Tulum next month will be an added perk.)

Whether you’re inspired by a trip to the beach or dreaming of the warm weather ahead; let the call of summer motivate a push towards optimal health.  We will be dreaming about mountains to climb, waves to surf, and dancing the day away at our favorite festivals -- let’s kick it into high gear!

fitness baby

At OM Collection, we firmly believe that building a strong body takes consistent effort. There’s no quick fix, no easy way, no magic pill, but there are tools to add to your arsenal, to make the most of the diligent work you’ve put in. Magnify your fitness results with powerful nutrition and supplementation. We swear by the doTERRA Slim & Sassy product line. Whether you want a natural metabolic boost or a post workout high quality protein powder, the doTERRA Slim and Sassy collection are the tools you need.

Did you know that Essential oils can be used to improve digestion and eliminate food cravings? Sound too good to be true?  Slim & Sassy products are packed with therapeutic grade essential oils backed by hard science.

Here’s the breakdown…

  • Grapefruit peel: a 2005 study published in Neuroscience Letters found that the smell of grapefruit oil reduced food intake and body weight in mammals. (3)
  • Lemon peel: the same study found exposure to the scent of limonene (a major component of many citrus fruits including lemon and grapefruit) enhances the breakdown of fats (lipolysis). (3)
  • Peppermint plant: a 2018 review article posted in Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics notes suggested mechanisms of peppermint oil to soothe a wide variety of gastrointestinal ailments, including IBS and inflammation. (2)
  • Ginger root: a 2018 study published in the Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal found that zingerone, a compound isolated from ginger, was effective in downregulating inflammation and protecting against the development of diabetes. (1)
  • Cinnamon bark: a 2015 study from Frontiers in Bioscience describes the use of cinnamon oil to prevent gut inflammation and tissue damage, and to induce production of antioxidants in the body. (4)

A healthy gut is key to nutrient absorption to ensure that you get the most from the organic food you eat and have the energy to fuel your fun.  Try a drop of Slim & Sassy essential oil in your water to keep your tummy healthy and happy, so your body remains fueled for the most ambitious summertime adventures!

Do you struggle with food cravings that take you off track? One drop of Slim & Sassy Essential Oil Blend in your water will curb the mindless snacking.

Feeling hungry? doTERRA Slim & Sassy TrimShake is a super tasty protein shake to keep you full and energized throughout the day. TrimShake mix includes patented ingredients that both manage stress hormone cortisol (associated with the storage of excess fat) and increase feelings of fullness.

We know that looking your best is only half of the equation and we’re here to support you on every part of your wellness journey. Need support? Learn from our founder how to reach your diet, exercise and weight management goals.  Join her private newsletter group, here. 

Learn more about how doTERRA can support a healthy lifestyle with plant based solutions, set up a 15 minute wellness consultation, here.

OM Collection is your one stop source for the yoga clothes and fitness gear you need to inspire your workouts and the health tips and tools you need to support your body on a path to optimal health and personal vibrancy. Let’s do this!



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March 15, 2019