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Sustainable Fashion

March 05, 2018

Letter from our Founder:

I started OM Collection seven years ago with the goal of creating a sustainable fashion brand, when the concept of sustainability was still relatively foreign.  Originally I intended to make yoga clothes and everyday basics, but sustainable designs are more expensive and it proved difficult to convince our customers to spend extra money for eco-choices that resembled items they could buy at Target.  This lead us to design wild, unique styles that people couldn't find anywhere else.  Without the competition, we could justify the price of sustainability.  As more eco-friendly fabric options develop and as we grow as a brand, we are able to slowly work our way back to the original vision and provide yoga, basic and wild styles for our customers to enjoy that also protect the Earth and its inhabitants. 

Where conversations about our companies eco-standards used to be greeted with glazed eyes or confusion, its now a major determining factor in the choices of consumers. 

My definition of "sustainable fashion" has changed over the last few years.  I now know first hand the implications of every choice made in the life-cycle of a garment, from how dye choices affect water quality in the country of origin, to how fabric choices implicate allergies for both workers and ultimate customers.  Prior to OM Collection I was an environmental lawyer, so issues of green house gases and transporting materials weighs heavily on the choices we make as a brand.  But design is also a key player, for if someone wears a single garment for years, as opposed to a novelty worn only once or twice; and if an item can be washed with a gentle detergent and hung dry....two of the greatest ecological impacts can be majority reduced: production and drying. 

Where conversations about our companies eco-standards used to be greeted with glazed eyes or confusion, its now a major determining factor in the choices of consumers.  I couldn't be more thrilled at this development.  Moving forward you will see more stories about environmentalism and conscious consumerism in our brand message.  The inspiration behind the brand is finally coming out of the shadows to help inspire change and help us build a healthier planet.

In the meantime, check out this great article by Conscious Fashion Collective on the definition of : "sustainable fashion."

Sustainable Fabric

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