Odette is the embodiment of health in all aspects of the word, and her entire being radiates with authenticity and love.

We reached out to Odette to join our Ombassador team in early 2018, inspired by her yoga practice and kind and sincere presence. We were even more impressed to find out that she's a fellow creative and fiercely dedicated to her own personal development; a musician, photographer and content creator, she was also a full-time PhD student.

A like-minded soul, we feel blessed to have Odette on our team. Beautiful inside and out, her elegance and grace are a reflection of the work she's done on herself and the kindness she shows everyone around her. Interested in learning about advanced anatomy, gardening, or getting sincere commentary on what it's like to be alive in this wild world, follow her on Instagram at @odette__hughes

Check out our Q&A to learn how one yogi leads a thoughtful and purposeful existence.

Q: What does your morning routine look like?

A:  I have no set routines and allow myself to fluctuate my activities depending on my energy, time, and environment. I never skip breakfast, though! 

Q:  What is your daily practice or favorite resources for finding happiness?

A:  The biggest thing I have taught myself this year is that my wholeness and happiness is on me and not contingent on anything outside of me, so I don’t seek it outside much now. However, I love being involved in meaningful projects, having nice conversations with strangers, gifting thoughtful little things to friends, texting to check in on my loved ones, documenting silly mannerisms of my cat, indulging in coffee every day, and occasionally watching funny youtube videos.

Q:  Give us a quick description of your career, and what has inspired this area of focus.

A:  Right now I am a full-time PhD student and not focused on working. I do teach yoga and give yoga therapy sessions, but it is mostly because it is intrinsically rewarding.

Q:  What tips would you offer for living an inspired, productive or meaningful life?

A:  As selfish as it sounds, living for yourself, meaning not as others would expect you to live, act, behave, and value. Being authentic is another way to say it. My life is very easy because I don’t mind what others are doing, compare myself, and my life is meaningful because I foster wonderful friendships and use my acquired knowledge and skills to help others.

December 26, 2019