Our world. Our story.

Bringing more beauty, connection and care into the world.

About The OM Collection

The OM Collection is a passion project birthed during a wildly creative and transformative time in my life.  

 In 2010, I bravely stepped away from a five year relationship and a dual career as an athlete and an attorney to follow an intuitive calling to dive deep into spiritual practice. I moved to Bali, a place I knew little about, to study yoga and connect with the beautiful people who would inspire my entrepreneurial spirit and align with the values that I wanted to bring forth into the world.

Wisdom, Love, and Inspiration

The OM Collection and the lifestyle it is designed to support was born from a search for wisdom, love, inspiration and connection with the Divine. In building OM Collection, I fashioned clothes that could carry me and others in and out of different worlds, pack easily and express the beauty that we all carry within. 

I've always believed that we get to choose the way we live this precious life, ideally offering our gifts, talents and passions to the world. I also believe that if everyone pursues their dreams with discipline, curiosity and vigor, the world will be a more peaceful and harmonious place. When someone is fully engaged with their life, they naturally inspire others to do the same.

Eco Clothing Made With Love

Our women-owned and operated staff and the beloved OMies who support and love our eco-friendly fabrics, styles that transcend the fads of fast fashion and sustainable business practices are bright lights in a world that can sometimes feel bleak. Many in our community are teachers, healers, parents, artists and entrepreneurs, dedicating their lives to making this world a better place. OM offers adornments that help dreamers, change-makers, wisdom seekers and inspired/inspiring humans find each other as we dance our way through our days and across the planet.

My most beloved muses

In the last few years my personal journey has asked me to dig roots and travel less. I married an incredible man and we had our first child. As my most beloved muses, they inspired the launch of our new Men's Collection and the Tiny Om Collection, set to debut later this year.

We'd love to connect!

If you're just learning about the OM Collection, welcome! For those of you who I've had the good fortune to meet and who have supported OM throughout the years, Mahalo! Thank you for being a part of this journey and for the moments of connection we’ve shared. 

As the OM Collection transforms and evolves, my commitment is to continue embodying the connection, compassion and passion that's needed in our changing world. Underlying the creative designs and unique silhouettes that define OM Collection, is a foundation of stewardship. The company has been committed to ethical production and sustainable design since day one. (Learn more here). While the move to being exclusively online limits direct contact with the people we love and seek to serve, our ecommerce platform allows the company's positive ethical, environmental and cultural impact to continue to grow, for which I feel full of gratitude!

Through connection, inspiration and our shared values, we are helping to build a more sustainable and loving world. 

If our clothes and the work we do resonates with you, please get involved! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and/or learn about our OMbassador Program.


Katie Armstrong
Founder/Owner of The OM Collection