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Hey Ombassadors...expand your offerings to include dōTERRA Essential Oils

The OM Collection is a collection of conscientious products and powerful content designed to help YOU live an inspired life. My name is Katie Armstrong, and I'm the founder of The OM Collection. I love sharing my favorite products with my online tribe.

When you join our Ambassador Program you receive the support necessary to build a business and life that you love.  Whether you are looking to pay for your favorite products or completely replace your income, we have your back and will provide you with all of the resources you need to thrive.  

My recent addition to the Collection is an essential oil product line called, dōTERRA. I love dōTERRA because it not only includes high grade oils and blends, but also includes beauty care products, health supplements, and home cleaning products; basically everything you need to live a naturally healthy lifestyle.

I have personally used  dōTERRA for over five years, testing and living the benefits of these products before offering them to my community.  (Check out my story, here.)

When you choose to join our OMbassador Program, consider ALSO joining our dōTERRA team by purchasing any of the Enrollment Kits on our website.  This will entitle you to discounted product and free business coaching.

My favorite products include:

- Deep Blue Rub: a massage oil that helps with muscle spasming, aches and pains, and workout recovery

- Wild Orange Oil: which not only smells amazing, but when inhaled releases seratonin, a natural hormone in the body, to increase energy and lift mood. Wild Orange oil is a great way to work with stress and depression naturally.

- On Guard Drops: a lozenge with a proprietary blend of oils that helps support a healthy immune system, soothes the throat, promote cardiovascular health, and tastes great (I love these for travel to avoid getting sick and to hydrate my throat while flying.)



I chose to sell dōTERRA as part of my collection because i’ve experienced undeniable benefits in my own life and want other people to benefit as much as I have from these products.  Additionally, in partnering with dōTERRA, The OM Collection gets to have a bigger positive impact on communities around the world. 

dōTERRA created the non-profit organization Healing Hands Foundation that serves communities in need and protects the environment with such initiatives as building schools and hospitals, fighting childhood sex trafficing, providing clean water to rural areas, protecting indigenous farming techniques and so much more.

Its an important part of the mission of The OM Collection to improve the lives of everyone who helps bring our vision to light. 


Ready to get started?

In the coming weeks, you will be able to purchase the entire dōTERRA product line directly on our site.
In the meantime you can:
  1. Open your own dōTERRA Wholesale Account and become a dōTERRA Advocate with the purchase of an enrollment kit. (please note that Enrollment Kits are NOT eligible for online discounts.  In the event our system allows the application of a discount, the order will be canceled).
  2. Purchase individual products on our custom dōTERRA website


Purchase dōTERRA Enrollment Kit and save:

Purchasing a dōTERRA Enrollment kit is a great way to get started using essential oils.  All enrollment kits gives you lifetime access to wholesale prices for dōTERRA. Select the package that is right for you and get an immediate savings.  Purchase the Natural Solutions kit (or any larger kit) and get additional free product credit to use later. 

Did you know that purchasing an Enrollment kit also gives you the chance to make money selling dōTERRA products to your clients, friends and family! 

And if you purchase a dōTERRA Enrollment kit from The OM Collection (please note that Enrollment Kits are NOT eligible for online discounts) you will ALSO get:

- Free access to our Ambassador Program, including tons of discounts and the chance to build a business selling ethical fashion along side dōTERRA Essential oils. 

- Free access to a Business Bootcamp Program ($225 value) giving you all you need to know to start your own business. 

- One-on-one business coaching from our team.


Apply to our Ambassador program, here.


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