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OMbassador™ Jill Emich

Jill Emich Owner of Shine Restaurant and Gathering Space and OMbassador for The OM Collection"I live my OM by making balance a key ingredient in my life. I love being social (it is a big part of my work) but I cherish my alone time. I love to have some fun and party with friends and community but I make sure to get enough sleep and healthy food and drink. I can sit on my computer creating and getting shit done but I always make sure to move my body and connect with my inner guides daily.  These are some examples of what keep my OMsanity." ~ Jill Emich on Living her OM

OMbassador™ Jill Emich is the owner and operator of Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place in downtown Boulder. An entrepreneur early on, Jill has owned her own restaurants and businesses since the age of 24 with her sisters; she is the middle sister of triplets! She considers herself a conscious creator and runs the events at Shine as the well as being the community outreach/marketing and PR gal. Jill graduated from UNLV with a degree in hotel & restaurant management as well as from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco which eventually led her to opening her first restaurant in Boulder. 

Jill considers herself (after many trials and tribulations) a master of finding balance in chaos and finding the humor and positive spin in all situations. Giving all she has to her chaotic life she finds the juiciness even in the mundane. Jill's expressive nature comes out through more than just words, she loves to communicate with her body through yoga, dance, breath and meditation as well as laughter. She loves connection with friends, loved ones and the amazing Boulder community. You can find her at Shine most evenings rocking out her functional fashion gear from The OMCollection, and keeping everything running like a well oiled machine.    

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