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OMbassador™ Mandy McLane

OMbassador Mandy McLane for The OM CollectionThroughout her life, Mandy’s always had the support and encouragement of many people, several of which included friends and family. Mandy says she has learned endless lessons along the way, and reminds us of the three she finds most important:

1. Success is found through trials and tribulations

2. What one conceives and believes, they will achieve, and

3. Live life to the fullest!

Mandy believes that we write our own stories, and continues to prove that if you fight for them, your goals and dreams will surely materialize. Have you questioned what your story’s about, and what you want in the next chapter?

Growing up, Mandy always participated in a wide variety of activities. Her involvement with sports began with competitive swimming at age 5; her interest in athletics continued throughout high school, which lead to a track/field scholarship at Clemson University. At Clemson Mandy excelled as a pole-vaulter and heptathlete, and at the end of her college career was an Olympic hopeful until a serious injury took her out of the game.

A highly energetic and motivated woman, not only does Mandy dedicate her time and energy to triathlon, in 2004 she founded Freedom of Speech LLC – a speech and language therapy business. Freedom of Speech was founded from a passion of helping children and adults communicate effectively. Now located in two areas, Freedom of Speech operates in the greater Orlando, FL area as well as Boulder, CO. While growing as a business professional, Mandy also began to reinvent her athletic career.

Through the first two years of developing Freedom of Speech, Mandy’s life was consumed by the desire to make her new business successful. During that time, she became a “gym rat” spending a couple hours per day training – going to the gym was her only outlet from the stress that accompanied running a and growing a new business. However, as Freedom of Speech became established and successful, Mandy began to feel there was something missing from her life. She missed competition. Deciding to meet those needs, Mandy began training hard and competed in her first triathlon during 2008, unearthing a raw talent and fierce passion for triathlon. In 2009, she began focusing on her longtime, childhood dream; becoming a professional athlete and striving for the Olympics.

The 2011 race season was Mandy’s first race season as a professional, just 3 years after her initial entrance into triathlon. Now with a few years underneath her belt as a professional, she feels she can confidently claim that she’s “making a dream come true.” In the 2013 season, Mandy has already had 3 podiums at Ironman 70.3 events, and will be seen racing with the top pros at the World Championships held in Las Vegas. Learn more about Mandy’s multiple pursuits on her website MandyMcLane.com! See what Mandy's been writing about on The OM Collection's Lifestyle Blog!

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