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OMbassador™ Program

Meet our OMbassadors!

Select our OMbassadors' photos below to learn more about these special women. 


Valerie D'Ambrosio

Life and Fitness Coach 








OMbassador Mandy McLane The OM Collection

Mandy McLane

Professional Triathlete & Founder of Freedom of Speech LLC 




OMbassador Sianna Sherman


Sianna Sherman

International Yoga Innovator Open to Grace 






OMbassador Jill Emich The OM Collection

Jill Emich

Founder Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place


Learn more about Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place


Ombassador Shakti Sunfire 

Shakti Sunfire

Founder Radiant Hoopdance & Synergy FlowArts





OMBassador Tara Peterson 

Tara Peterson

details coming soon!





Shannon Paige

Founder Embodied Poetry Yoga





If you are interested in becoming an OMbassador™ please complete the OMbassador™ application by clicking here.

Size Chart

Size Chart

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