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Side String Shorts // Black + White Psychedelic

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The perfect short for hot yoga or a stroll along the beach.  These print yoga shorts have adjustable sides and are made from a high quality European fabric.  These shorts are designed with fit in mind and will stay in place during a rigorous yoga practice.  Our black and white psychedelic print was inspired by indigenous textiles. 

As a commitment to our sustainability practices, these adjustable yoga shorts are made with love, specifically for you, in the USA as part of our new on-demand production model.  We prevent waste and needless consumption and make them for you when you order. Delivery is expected in 2 weeks.  

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Size Chart

Size Chart

Welcome to our tribe.  Thank you for supporting sustainable fashion.  We strive to use organic and recycled fabrics whenever appropriate and assure the highest ethical standards are met when producing our clothing.