Goddess of love, pleasure and fertility, Aphrodite rises from the ocean. She is so beautiful and radiant.

Holding a mirror in her hand, she gazes lovingly at her reflection.

Aphrodite models the art of self love, the same love that the divine feminine is always giving us. It is an all encompassing love that includes our beauty as well as our flaws and imperfections.

Aphrodite's asks us to embody radical self care. As we learn to love ourselves fully we embrace our shadows and our light and we see our imperfections as a integral part of our beauty.

And then we are able to love others fully, accepting their weaknesses without judgement.

For we are human and our humanity is what makes us interesting and loveable. We are here to learn to love through the full spectrum of our experience.  Life is dynamic and vibrant. We open to the joys of sharing this life and we experience Aphrodite's immense pleasure.

As Spring ignites all around us, may we allow the inspired growth and fertility of the season to propel us on our path of radical self care. Let us call upon Aphrodite and delight in our senses and the sensual, unleashing our vast creativity and passions. May we give ourselves the unconditional love that our Great Mother is always giving us and may we generously offer that love back out into the world. May it light up our communities, our families, our lovers, our planet...

So grab a mirror and see yourself through the lens of the divine feminine. Feel Her perspective - that you are perfect in all your imperfections. Give thanks for your uniqueness, your beauty, your humanity. Spend some QT in your radical self care practice, nurturing your love for yourself. And if you need to, "fake it 'til you make it." 


With boundless love ~
Dayna Seraye

March 30, 2014