When was the last time you said, “I just don’t feel good. I feel like I’m coming down with something.”

That, my friends, is the immune system telling you it needs a little support. Besides the traditional “rest and drink lots of water” recommendations, what else can support your body before it goes all out into chills, fatigue, colds, coughs, infections, pneumonia, sore throats, cold sores, and so much more?

In my home I have found On Guard™ a particular blend of essential oils, to be incredibly helpful. This blend is made up of 5 unique essential oils because of their unique benefits to the immune system.


On Guard™ contains:

1. Wild Orange – This oil has a high percentage (90%) of d-limonene, which naturally increases our glutathione levels. Glutathione levels can have a huge impact on our Immune System. Orange oil has shown its potential as a powerful antioxidant to the body, protecting our cellular health from the natural breakdown that occurs from Oxidation, which then leads to illness susceptibility. It basically keeps us young and vibrant from the inside out.

2. Clove Bud – Hands down, the MOST potent natural anti-oxidant! Remember, oxidation is what breaks down the body, making us vulnerable to illness and disease.

3. Cinnamon Bark – Besides making things taste good, cinnamon also makes the top 3 for antioxidant abilities Naturally stimulating to the immune system and warming to the body.

4. Eucalyptus – Typically associated with the natural support it offers to the respiratory system, it has also been shown to have pain-reducing properties similar to morphine.

5. Rosemary – Also helpful to the respiratory system, it is especially helpful for infections such as staph and strep.

You must be as excited to know all this information as I was. But, knowledge with out application doesn’t help much. So here are the 5 ways to USE this oil to boost your immune system. (because of the caustic nature of the cinnamon and clove oil, I suggest you always dilute OnGuard with a carrier oil {i.e. fractionated coconut oil, FCO} before application)

Mix 1 drop OnGuard to 5 drops FCO in your palm. Then apply as follows:

1. Rub your hands together and touch your thumb to the roof of your mouth and your index finger to under your tongue. (This is a quick way to get the benefits of the oil absorbed into the blood stream.)

2. Massage onto the soles of the feet.

3. Massage the Thymus (located by your breast bone) to stimulate your immune system.

4. Massage under the arms and by the arm pits to stimulate the lymphatic system.

5. Rub it into your hands and cup your hands over your nose and mouth and breath in.

I love diffusing this blend in my home. I use it to clean as well! I have found no more need for those nasty alcohol based hand sanitizers, instead I carry my On Guard Essential Oil bottle around and feel it does a much better job overall.

March 14, 2014