Summer brings more than warm weather, abundant sunshine, and sundresses - most importantly, summer brings festivals! Headed to a festival this summer, but need a little inspiration (or guidance) in what to wear? Have no fear! We’re going to give you the best style tips on what to wear to YOUR festival depending on the kind of festival-goer YOU are.

For the Fashionista:

We all know her- she makes a statement when she walks into the crowd and owns everything from the clothes on her back to the sway of her hips. Nothing is more show stopping than The OM Backless dress, it’s the perfect post-yoga cover up. Get sweaty in our Fusion 4-Strap Bra and Audrey Capris, then pull the outfit together with the OM backless dress for some night-time sass! The deep posterior plunge gives full visual of your back and is sure to be a show-stopper.


 For the Practical:

The Practical festival-goer doesn’t have time to worry about how they look. They want to be comfortable in something that’s just as versatile as the activities they are doing. The H2OM leggings are consciously made from recycled plastic and voted one of Yoga Journal’s top yoga leggings of 2014. Not to mention they’re waterproof, giving you the flexibility to flow on your mat or splash around on your paddle board. Plus they have the added benefit of coming in lots of groovy patterns so that all you need to do is throw on the flowy EOS Tunic Dress in your favorite color, and you’re ready for the dance floor!


For the Layer-Lover:

The Layer-Lover is prepared for those blazing afternoons and cool nights. Be prepared for changes in weather or an unexpected whim by packing versatile light weight layers in a day bag.  The Faeryland Elf Dress is a great piece which can be worn as a dress on its own during the daytime. For a unique layered look try our Barong Tunic over the Faeryland Elf Dress - this unique combo can be worn alone as a sexy warm weather option, or over yoga leggings or pants for cooler evenings.


The Mover-&-Shaker:

We see her dancing her way across the floor and ferociously twirling in her hoop- she is The Mover-&-Shaker! She needs something that is every bit as alive as she is! The flowy 3 Tier Yoga Pant trails its layers behind you as you dance, making for a stunning visual on the dance floor. Pair with our Cap Sleeve - T, which is reversible for multiple looks. By day wear the cap sleeve with the deep-V plunge in the back; at night bring that deep-V plunge to the front for a sultry look and a night of dancing!



For more inspiration, or to see more of the festival gear that we love, click here:
June 18, 2015