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10 Best Yoga Pants for Practicing (Or Not Practicing) Yoga

July 02, 2015

10 Best Yoga Pants for Practicing (Or Not Practicing) Yoga

This article was originally posted on SoundBodyLife's website: http://soundbodylife.com/10-best-yoga-pants-for-practicing-or-not-practicing-yoga/

We're psyched that our 2 Tier Flow Pants were ranked #3!

Remember when everyone wasn’t wearing yoga pants? I know me neither. The popularity of yoga pants has risen crazily in the past few years, with sales jumping almost 50% in 2013. Everyone is wearing yoga pants, even the people that aren’t doing yoga. More than once they’ve been referred to as “the new jeans” with sales of trusty denim falling in 2014 for the first time in decades.

There’s no doubt that yoga pants are hot. People are finding just how comfy, versatile, and cute a lot of them really are, something that’s making sales continue to rise and have many looking for the latest styles not just for yoga, but as a staple of their everyday wardrobe.

Needless to say, with the rising popularity of these fabulous pants there are many companies that have taken notice. It seems everyone (and their mom) is making yoga pants and the variety of these trendy pants you can now find is insane.

So what are the best yoga pants, anyway?

It all depends on your style and budget. When it comes to the world of yoga pants, there is truly something for everyone.

To read the full article: http://soundbodylife.com/10-best-yoga-pants-for-practicing-or-not-practicing-yoga/

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