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Burning Man

August 11, 2015

Burning Man

Once a year, thousands of people embark upon an epic journey to Black Rock City, where they seek fun, adventure, and an almost unavoidable taste of self awareness and ideally personal expression. The OM Collection is known as a yoga clothing company, but at our core we seek to help women and men feel beautiful and embodied so that they may better express their true nature.

Burning Man can be a trying environment for some, and it provides environmental challenges to all. Being prepared is vital and here at The OM Collection we want to offer a few clothing tips that you may find useful as you embark upon the dusty and often unforgiving environment that is the playa.

Hot, dry and dusty are the realities of the day. Cold, windy and dusty are often the realities of the night. We recommend keeping layers with you at all times because the weather can change abruptly or you may find yourself on a several day adventure. May we recommend the Crop Cowl Hoodie since it looks great as a crop top or can be layered over other pieces for added warmth. It has the added benefit of being a sun or dust protector in a pinch.


If you have the luxury of a pre-sunset shower and a costume change, it can be liberating to pack separate outfits for your daytime and nighttime adventures. During the day, less is more, especially if you are a poi spinner, hoop dancer or generally booty shaker. Hooping clothes are basically beautiful clothes that leave enough skin bare to make contact with the hoop, The OM Collection has all your hooping needs "covered." Embrace your body, and take the opportunity to show some skin, or all of it if you feel daring. Blending the look of festival clothes with the practical benefits of dance clothes, The OM Collection's Short Shorts, Mini Skirt and Crop Top collection is a must see when planning your daytime Burning Man costumes.

If you prefer to be a walking art installation, you still have time for an art project. Consider wearing a simple backless dress like The OM Collection Famous Backless Dress with a beautiful headdress or Fairy Wings. Or, pack some face paint for onsight inspiration. Now just a reminder, no matter how tempting they are, feathers are not allowed at Burning Man. (but you have to admit this outfit is pretty incredible.)

At night, a big warm jacket and comfortable boots are key. Fake fur is a popular choice because it repels the dusty and be sure to practice biking in whatever you choose to bring. But, since you know you're gonna be dancing the night away and need to shed a few layers, what show-stopping outfit are you going to wear under it? Looking amazing at Burning Man is half the fun. Just remember accessories like scarves and hats can go a long way. Make sure your base layers are cute AND FUNCTIONAL. Our recommendation for night time costume choices at burning man is to wear leggings with a pair of boots and either a sexy dress or tunic.

We have three recommendations for leggings at Burning Man. Our entire H2OM legging line is made from recycled plastic and is a perfect legging choice for Burning Man because it keeps the playa dust out allowing you to stay clean for days if necessary.


The Red Phoenix print and Blue Owl were designed by visionary artist Phil Lewis and will be a popular psychadelic legging choice for all late night dance parties.

For a warmer choice, check out our Organic Cotton Tie Dye Panel Leggings, super soft and easy to match with anything. And finally, our Audrey Leggings are a popular choice for Burning Man because they have a funky cut out pattern that is extremely sexy and adds some flare to any outfit.


Pair any of these choices with The OM Collection backless dress which can be worn alone or with a strappy sports bra like the Fusion 4 Strap Bra. We also recommend checking out the Tube Tunic which has a sexy cut out weave pattern just like the Audrey leggings and photographs incredibly well.

If you prefer a bell bottom for Burning Man, our top choices are the Tie Dye Isabel Bell Bottom and the Madhue Wrinkle Pants, both available on The OM Collection website. Both are comfortable, warm, and super sexy.


WE hope you've enjoyed our clothing recommendations for Burning Man. Pack well and always be prepared.


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