The #1 Most Common Mistake Teachers Make : No Master Mentor

 This is the last of a three part series from our fabulous OMbassador, Shakti Sunfire, who teaches yoga and hooping around the world. Many of our followers are teachers of dance, yoga and other movement arts. We hope you enjoy this 3rd part!

In the great stories of humankind - the myths and the epics and the wise hand-me-downs of times past, there comes a moment in the journey of the hero, or heroine where they loose their way. Wrapped up in the too-smallness of their old skin in the face of their own urgent becoming, they loose sight of all the innate powers that lie within. They are knocked off the path, abducted by trolls, or dragons...they face the necessary but destabilizing fear of refinement that ultimately polishes them for the great adventure that is to come. 

Somehow, somewhere along the way, we as a culture have lost a crucial piece of that story in the face of old and worn-out paradigms - egoic displays of rugged individualism. The ferocity of“I’ll do it myself” - or more commonly - “I SHOULD be able to do it myself” that is ultimately the undoing of the heros/heroines quest. The missing piece that you’ll always find in any good journey, is that the hero or the heroine NEVER DO IT ALONE.

The single most common mistake teachers make is to think themselves an island, self-sufficient unto themselves and wholly capable to slay the demon, and trick the dragon, and ascend the mountain of becoming ALONE.

I know this because I tried it, and I’m speaking from the depths of my being when I say I would not be here in the role that I am blessed to occupy - as teacher and leader, without standing on the backs of many teachers before me. I cannot stress enough just how crucial it is to align yourself with a master mentor and I’ll tell you why.

Often people ask me; “how the hell did you get to a place where you can teach full-time?”  

“One part incredible luck, and one-part angelic guidance,” I’d say with a wink. 

But any real time spent in reverie has me confirming for myself over and over again that really and truly, without my flesh-and-blood mentors, I would not be where I am. Which is not to say that each individual can’t become on their own. Quite the contrary. To be in the refiner’s fire of our own self-evolution is completely a personal practice. The guru does NOT indeed live outside oneself. But to loop back into the hero’s journey, what we see in nearly every tale is that the hero himself has NO idea of the kinds of powers he possesses. No idea that, like the Monkey God Hanuman, he can leap across an ocean to redeem the treasure of his desire. 

Not until some benevolent being clues him in. “Remember? You’re a GOD??”

And it’s more than that. It’s interesting to me really, how many of us are fringe creatives, blazing our own trail, creating beauty and art and connection in the world, and yet, in my view, due to the particularly self-inflated nature of our western culture, we fail to see, or have forgotten that any good teaching...and good art, is accumulative and responsive. That ANY creative process is a “next-octave” of what has come before. We are tribal beings at heart, and whet
her or not we really take it in, we are CO-CREATIVE beings as well. But we try to hide this. We tuck what inspires us away, deep inside, where no one will ever see its source because some part of us believes ourselves lesser than, a fraud, a phony, unoriginal - GASP! The worst insult as an artist.In that particular tale Hanuman is reminded of his innate powers through the reflection of his loved ones and his friends at a crucial time of need, and not a moment before. How many times have you hit a wall, perhaps banging on the same door that will not open, and have been saved from your ruthless pounding by someone who cares about you? Who can see the bigger perspective? One you will never attain with your nose pressed against the wood grain of the door? It’s like that.

I’m being dramatic here, I know. But trust me, this is coming from direct experience and so I am picking on myself FIRST. The truth is, once I surrendered to the positive influences that are my teachers a great many more doors opened to me. And all of a sudden I had new material to play with, to try on for size. New stories to tell, new ways of thinking about sequencing, and multi-level instruction, and marketing. I had new input that highlighted for me my particular soul powers - powers I couldn’t see on my own. I had a new student base that gathered around my teachers, and I had all their feedback to inform me. Everything, in those years of direct apprenticeship was about throwing a soul piece of me out there, and waiting to see how, and in what way, it came back. Humbling myself enough to listen to those who influenced me. To feel the texture of THEIR words come out of my mouth. What fits? What doesn’t? How does that make me FEEL? Is this really ALIVE for me? All questions I would be asking myself. Taste testing. Experimenting. Searching through fields of inspiration and suggestion. And low and behold, when the time was ripe, and not a moment before, I found the ME I was searching for in all the voices and ways of the THEM.

And guess who was right there with me celebrating my discovery of all the gifts they already knew I possessed? My teachers.

A mentor of mine once said to me, the best teachers are eternal students. After nine years of intentionally saddling up to leaders I admire, I am convinced this way of leading - the open door way, where I filter in soul food from the field around me, only to process it through my lens and send it back out, creates a healthy teaching ecology, and I will never stop this practice. I will never close that door again.

I’m sure by now there are a million thoughts floating around in your brain. Some in agreement, some confusion, some ready to argue with me. I always love a good debate. But before we get into it, there is one more piece that I have learned through my own experiences as an apprentice, that is completely paramount to a healthy apprentice/mentor relationship and COMPLETELY CONTRARY to the way MOST teacher training programs are run today - in ANY and every industry.

I believe that to be a master teacher, the most important piece you can apprentice to is your DIRECT and ALIVE experience in any moment, and to source from that place unapologetically and without fail. 

It’s rather hard to do this when you have someone telling you exactly how a trick should be taught and a class laid out, and a theme spoken and, and, and... Certification often seems to hinge on regurgitation rather than the preparation of your vessel for authentic voicing. No wonder it’s hard to make it as a movement guide. We’re all taught to wear clothes that don’t fit.

Human beings are intuitive. Many of us don’t believe ourselves to be, but we are immensely sensitive. We learn best when our teachers TRANSMIT lived experience through their movements and their voice. 

I struggled with this in a very personal way. Having gone through over 1500 hours of yoga teacher trainings in a variety of schools of yoga, I always left the certification unfinished precisely because it was expected of me to demonstrate that I learned it THAT way and could teach it in THOSE words...when in the intelligence of my body, in the depths of my own experience I felt a different way. Perhaps a small tweak on the instruction, or order of things. Perhaps a desire to blend a few different schools based on what was coming alive for me in my own practice. And so, very early on, I decided to approach each training as a testing ground and the participation became less and less about certification, and more and more about inspiration.

I know many of you are with me on this. I also know that as creative beings we tend to do this anyway, whether or not a certification is persued and granted. We can’t help ourselves! I’m also called to say that there are reasons why certification is completely valuable. The point is not to knock it, it’s to speak to something not often spoken to.

August 28, 2014

The #2 Common Mistake Teachers Make: Logic without Love.

This is the second of a three part series from our fabulous OMbassador, Shakti Sunfire, who teaches yoga and hooping around the world. Many of our followers are teachers of dance, yoga and other movement arts. We hope you enjoy this 2nd part. Shakti wrote this just for you, as a few tips on what to avoid when teaching.

Logic Without Love

“Gather around the fire. I am going to tell you story.”

In 2008, Jeremy Hsu wrote an article for Scientific American entitled The Secrets of Storytelling: Why We Love a Good Yarn. In it, he examined the work of psychologists and neuroscientists who are studying the human penchant for storytelling. What they are discovering is fascinating, but it boils down to this: People are wired to enjoy stories.*

What does that have to do with masterful teaching? A few things, but the short of it boils down to the ability (or lack of ability) a teacher has to weave and curate a powerful and impactful learning  environment. One that gives the student the greatest possible inroad to lasting insight and embodied knowledge. This, of course, happens in many ways - through skillful curriculum development, logical instruction and sequencing, environmental considerations such as natural light, space, and choice of music, and through the teacher’s ability to step into the seat of the teacher and hold the space for his/her students... but there is one area that is often overlooked, and in my experience quite possibly THE most important place to refine a skill set for teachers new and old : THEMING.

Theming - when done well,provides a greater CONTEXT for your students that extends beyond the confines of the classroom. Skillful theming PROVIDES MEANING that keeps your students coming back for more, and opens each individual to a variety of other innate “intelligences”, such as emotional and imaginal intelligence, that allows him/her to embody new information faster and with greater ease.

I remember when I first stepped foot inside a yoga class. The candles were lit, soft music playing, the atmosphere seemed to sparkle a the very least was welcoming. I took my seat and for the next 90 minutes was guided into an experience in my body that all about my body and so much more than my body. The use of imagery was so impactful that I signed up then and there for a monthly plan. That was 14 years ago...and I haven’t stopped practicing.

I believe it to be no small coincidence that there are now over 8 million people practicing yoga in United States alone.


Human beings have evolved to respond deeply to story, metaphor and myth. Not long ago, we, as a species, passed on all useful information from one generation to another in story. In fact, the part of the brain that is our true decision maker has been found to NOT be the cerebral cortex or cognitive mind, but in fact the paleomammalian part of the brain that has, evolutionarily speaking, been with us longer. That part of the brain is our emotional intelligence. Emotions, not facts, ultimately determine our decisions.

Story, metaphor, myth and colorful imagery skip the rational layer of the brain, and move RIGHT into the long-lasting, deeply-affected paleomammalian brain where change can happen. It is here that we have deep memory. Therefore the use of this type of teaching is not only poetic and beautiful, but absolutely crucial to create the kind of experience we’re going for as empowered leaders and teachers.

  • A 2007 study … found that a test audience responded more positively to advertisements in narrative form as compared with straightforward ads that encouraged viewers to think about the arguments for a product. Similarly … labeling information as “fact” increased critical analysis, whereas labeling information as “fiction” had the opposite effect. Studies such as these suggest people accept ideas more readily when their minds are in story mode as opposed to when they are in an analytical mind-set.*

What theming is NOT is arbitrary and random esoteric information that you get off on, but that has noting to do with the audience at hand. Skillful theming requires student-centric thinking.

Which leads us to the HOW of it.

There are many many ways to develop the ability to skillfully theme in your classes. Always, the underlying foundation is to source from your own lively and vibrant experience...picking out universalities that all can relate to. Books, articles, movies and more can be valuable sources, but unless the theme has been lived and embodied by YOU, the storyteller, it will not land for your students.

Here are a few words on theming from the One Hoop One Love Teacher Training and Mentorship manual :


As One Hoop One Love leaders, our invocation is for wonder to return to us in our lives. To begin to see with the minds eye, means we need to return to unknowingness and to possibility. Can we begin to feel spaciousness where there was previously only compression? Can we begin to invoke a perspective in our lives that allows for the world to speak to us in symbol, serendipity, metaphor and myth? It is up to us to empower intuitive interpretation of the things we see, feel, and hear. Imagination and imagery opens the doorway to wild creativity, and that, serves the world.

A good theme can be wrapped, packaged and presented in no more than the first 5 minutes of class, then touched on at various times through MOVEMENT.

The best themes are drawn from your own present life experience, filtered back through the eyes and ears of your students.

To compose a theme, KNOW your audience. What is their life like outside of class? How can you touch them emotionally? In what ways can you imagine yourself to be in their shoes?

In this day and age we spend much of our time in the cognitive brain, weighing out comparative analysis of...well...everything. Myth and metaphor are also so important at this time because they cut out perceived differences and beliefs and move right into the heart. Myths are not untruths. In fact, they are the closest thing we can get to truth. They are universalities, that transcend space and time. They give meaning and flavor, and great purpose. To live our lives mytho-poetically is to set into motion a kind of limitless creativity that sees no coincidence and empowers radical self-acceptance as a crucial part of the whole - as the whole itself.

August 18, 2014

The #3 Common Mistakes Teachers Make: The Seat of the Teacher

Our fabulous OMbassador, Shakti Sunfire, teaches yoga and hooping around the world. Many of our followers are teachers of dance, yoga and other movement arts. Shakti wrote this just for you, as a few tips on what to avoid when teaching.

To take the seat of the teacher is to self-own and self-resource FIRST. Before anyone else can believe in you and will want to learn from you, you have to believe in yourself. In that way it is a fundamental giving of PERMISSION for you to occupy the role of teacher completely, unapologetically and wholeheartedly. 

When I first began to teach - scratch that - for YEARS after I began teaching I struggled with nerves. I would shake and tremble when speaking, I would spend hours that day prepping what I wanted to say, and it’d all go out the window anyway. I wouldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep well. i’d have dreams about flopping, disappointing the promoters and my students, loosing the opportunity. Letting myself down. I was all over the map. 

I would regularly say to my teachers and friends who encouraged me relentlessly;

whatever you see in me, I don’t see it in myself.”

I felt uncoordinated, unworthy, small... and what I didn’t know then, but I certainly know now is that what I was really focused on and concerned about was being judged. What I was really concerned about was the chance that this offering - this HEART craft - be minimized, belittled and laughed at.

What I didn’t know then, but I know now is that I was really good at giving my power away and believing myself less-than, like an impostor in my own skin.

Nine years later and I look back on those times and sorely wish that someone had told me what I’m about to tell you...

To teach masterfully requires you to have a deep-seated knowing that your visions, ambitions and offerings as a teacher have a place in the world...and a purpose. That is what fuels you. That is the power behind your words that exudes charisma and clarity. It will keep you living, breathing, speaking, acting and dancing YOUR truth in a way that serves the whole.

To teach masterfully is to meet your students in service of them - that really it’s not about you and whether or not you’re perfect, or whether or not you look good up there, nor how deep your words are. In fact, what self-owning is NOT is to think yourself perfect, the best, or without shortages and to reprimand yourself when your humanity shows through.

Only YOU can give yourself permission to fully and completely take the seat of the teacher. It is a glorious seat - one of deep fulfillment and a real sense of purpose, AND it is also a seat full of personal and collective responsibility, humility and exposure to high wind and weather. 

As a Master Teacher You Will Need:

  • magnetic appeal/charisma
  • self-confidence
  • powerful voice projection
  • to command an audience
  • to inspire respect

Sometimes As a Teacher You Will Get:

  • pulled in many directions
  • projected upon with energy and emotion that isn’t yours!
  • push-back
  • placed in uncomfortable positions for you
  • less than ideal classroom settings
  • surprises!

All of these things are solved or resourced from the seat of the teacher in your heart. You can think of it like the deep roots that can weather any storm and that are constantly drawing energy, nutrition, life-sustenance and insight from an unseen source. If you cultivate the capacity to access this source you will be able to compost ANY ENERGY that comes your way - good or bad, and alchemize it into food and fuel for your work in the world.

5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Begin to Cultivate This Capacity:

1. Hold SPACE for yourself at the beginning and end of class. 

Give yourself time at the beginning and ending of your class that prepares you psycho-spiritually for teaching. Take what ‘you’ time you need, so that the time you spend in front of others can truly be about them.

2. Connect with your BODY (physical intelligence).

As movement guides we know the body is gateway to the soul. Ground your energy in the here and now by connecting with your breath, the connection of your feet on the earth, and use physical sensation as anchor.

3. Practice, and listen for, sacred speech.

We are often taught to play small, that it’s safer not to be noticed, to not push others around, but active voicing is truly a compassionate way to speak if you are in the seat of the teacher. Using active voice will let your students relax into their role as student, into the arms of you, as teacher and leader. They want that. You want that. Everybody wins. Switching from the habit of using passive voice to active voice may take some time and dedication, but drawing awareness to the power of your word choice is a step into taking the seat as leader and teacher.

  • Speak to the truth of the moment. Let that set you free.
  • Passive vs. active voice
  • Projection - say it like you mean it

4. Take a course that helps you connect with your soul purpose and essential self.

The best teachers are eternal students. One of the easiest ways we can stay connected in the seat of the teacher is to teach only what is truly ALIVE for us. Not a memorized recital of somebody else’s languaging. Be the student, embody your passions, and teach from that place.

5. Work with your inner critic or any other sub-personality work that may be “steering the ship”.

As guides it is our responsibility to identify and work with aspects of self that may be sabotaging our time in service to others. Read Bill Plotkin’s Wild Mind; a fantastic resource that will help you to speak and act from a place of wholeness.

And finally, surround yourself with people who believe in you and what you're doing. Ask for help when you need it. Ask for mirroring when you feel defeated, and know that by definition, the teacher leads the pack, and therefore is equally exposed to the refiner's fire. Learn to embrace that energy, and you will soar.



Elemental Hoopdance Teacher Training with Shakti Sunfire from Shakti Sunfire on Vimeo.

August 08, 2014

Full Moon Medicine ~ Your body does not lie

Dearest sisters,

It is the Full Moon in Capricorn and we are exactly halfway through 2014.

We began this potent year with the New Moon in Capricorn and many of us created intentions and resolutions to guide us for the cycle to come.

Let us take a moment and reflect…are you in alignment with your resolutions?

Evenly more importantly, are you in alignment with who you are? Are you expressing your unique flavor of radiance?

Let us pause for another moment. Settle into your body. Take a breath and invite the answers to come not from your mind, but from the feelings and sensations of your heart and embodied knowing.

From this place bring into your awareness the various aspects of your life: relationships, family, career, self-care, spiritual practice, community, service… Pay attention to the sensations in your body. Notice any tensions that arise.

Your body does not lie.

Let it inform you of the areas in your life in which you are still playing small and avoiding the truth of your heart.

Sisters, let’s get real. We all know that playing small is so out of style. So why do we still allow those voices, patterns, and beliefs to keep us limiting ourselves? Why do we allow the patriarchy’s expectations of us to call the shots?

We are learning to stand in our power. We are deconstructing the paradigm of power that has molded us for 5,000 years so that standing in our power does not mean power over anyone or anything else. Standing in our power means contributing fully in our own way to this dance of life, with our unique flavor of radiance, our unique medicine offering, in service to the upliftment of the whole. Our rays of light join with all the other rays of light to create the most beautiful, magical, healing light show that is beyond our wildest dreams.

Can you feel that? Capricorn helps us to hold the vision for where we are going, and commit ourselves to the steps it will take to get there.

We are in it together.

Let us invite the energy of this luminous Full Moon to clear the cobwebs from our energy fields so that we can feel the truth of our hearts with confidence and clarity. May we step forward with passion and purpose to co-create healing for our planet.

Blessed Be!
~ Dayna Seraye

July 12, 2014

Full Flower Moon The Delicious Fruits of Beltane

Rise women! Rise sacred feminine! I am not afraid. I welcome you. I am at your service.

- the Divine Masculine

The healing of the masculine and the feminine is the work of our time.  

Last weekend, we embarked on our Medicine Path of the Priestess Women’s Beltane Retreat fully aware of the enormity of our undertaking. We knew the intentions we were working with would stir us deeply. As women, we have immense trauma from our experience with men, both from this lifetime, and in our collective memory of thousands of years of patriarchal persecution.

As a community of women, we told our stories, we held each other, and we wove a tapestry of our collective experience in a female body.

We knew that in order to truly heal with the masculine and open to the experience that we profoundly desire with men, we must first let go of the deep-rooted residues of fear and oppression that we hold within ourselves.

The great mystic Lucia Renee talks of the roles of women and men in these paradigm-shifting times: “At this moment, women are being asked to stand in their power. Not to stand against something, not even to stand for something, but to stand in the energy of the Divine Feminine, an alignment where the polarity of for and against comes to rest.”

We must unplug ourselves, energetically, from the grid of patriarchy that exists within us as a result of our social conditioning. We must emerge like grass, and stand in our feminine power.

And for the men Lucia says, “At this moment, men have a very different task: to reclaim the energy of the heart, to honor women while they do their sacred work, and to process their response to the crescendo of female power.”

With this intention, we welcomed a few sacred men on the final day of our retreat to hold our prayer with us. The men were given the task of preparing the land for our Beltane Maypole Ritual, as well as the invitation to make an offering to the women and our sacred work.

The Divine Masculine showed up with the radiance of the sun and met us beyond our wildest expectations.

They guided us into an experience of being completely held, honored and cherished as the powerful feminine. We began at the Beltane fire where we were invited to burn a root, representing the release of the roots of fear within us that were already dead and simply needed to be dug up and burned. Yes.

They held a safe space for us and spoke tender words, and the tears flowed from our eyes and our hearts opened wide as they led us on a journey of receiving. In these men, we experienced healthy, balanced masculine energy.

We gave back to them in song, dance, and abundant blessings. In our unconditional exchange, we wove threads of trust, healing and respect.

We danced together in joy and love, and our lives were forever changed. 

I am grateful beyond words for this past moon cycle and the deep study of the healing of the masculine and the feminine, both inside of us and in the world. And on this delicious Full Moon as we celebrate Lunar Beltane, may we honor all that we our healing and transforming in our own lives and for humanity as a whole.

May our hearts guide us and may we rejoice in the fruits of our devotion and love.

Blessings of the Goddess ~
Dayna Seraye


OMbassador Dayna Seraya

May 14, 2014

In honor of the heart - Ombassador Jill Emich shares her personal exploration

Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy—the experiences that make us the most vulnerable. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”  Brené Brown

In honor of the heart.

This is an invitation for you to explore. Make this a journaling or meditation exercise to help open your heart and make you shine.

February 11, 2014

Vote for Merrick!

The Om Collection would like to ask for your support for one of our photographers, and friend of The Om Collection, Merrick Chase of Merrick Chase Photography and Merrick Chase Weddings.

Merrick has entered what we feel is quite a striking image in a prestigious photo industry competition (PDN's Top Knot Contest) and you can help him win the People's Choice portion. 

Merrick's image is currently in sixth place out of nearly 1500 entries and needs only 250 votes to be in first place! Please click on the link below to show your support for our great friend and photographer and please share the link with your networks if you, too, love the image like we do. Thank you very much for your support and good luck, Merrick!

See more of Merrick's Photography...

January 24, 2014

Building Your Base for 2014 ~ By OMbassador Mandy McLane

Start 2014 off right with tips on Building Your Base from our newest OMbassador and professional triathlete, Mandy McLane.

OMbassador Mandy McLaneMandy is a woman who knows a lot about setting goals and staying motivated in order to get the most out of life.  She is a motivation to many and we are thrilled to have her on The OM Collection team. Besides being a professional athlete, Mandy also coaches individuals all over the country to meet their fitness goals and works as a speech pathologist, helping children and their families.  We managed to catch up with her in order to share with YOU a few base building tips for the New Year.  Here is what she had to say!

January 1st is always a great time to push the reset button and start over; grasp a hold of new goals, start them, continue them, and gradually accomplish them. In order to succeed it is important to build a solid foundation and to set mini goals that are easy to meet, which helps maintain motivation. There are no short cuts or quick fixes to achieving a functional healthy life style. In order to reach your fitness and life goals, it is important to develop good habits and stick with them...

December 30, 2013

Yoga as a Call for Action ~ OMbassador Sianna Sherman

Sianna Sherman Teaching at Hanuman Festival Boulder, CO2014 marks my 20th year of teaching yoga. This journey has taken me far and wide around the globe and in and near to the center of my heart fire. I’ve witnessed so many changes in the yoga culture over 25 years of practice. It’s astonishing to me how the power of yoga is reaching out into the masses and calling for real action in the global community.

When I first gave up medical school for a gypsy path of traveling around the world to study yoga, my Kentucky family thought I had joined a cult and was making a ridiculous life choice. Now I return to Kentucky, and even the smallest towns have a yoga center in their hub. I remember searching for yoga teachers in the yellow pages and going to health food stores to look at the community bulletin boards in hopes of finding the local yoga teachers. I went back and forth to India seeking masters of consciousness and other pilgrims on the path of yoga. I never could have imagined the epic quantum leap that yoga would make in the west over the next two decades.

December 20, 2013

Creating an Intentional Gathering ~ Holiday Hosting Guide from OMbassador Jill Emich

Hosting tips from OMbassador Jill Emich, owner of Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place on creating a perfect intentional gathering for the holidays, New Years Eve, and throughout 2014!

Gone are the days of the huge blowout drunken bashes where we all drink waaaaaay too much and make poor decisions we regret later. What the world needs now is connection sweet connection. Entertaining with the purpose of connection is where it is at these days and it is a bit of an art. With people’s busy lives and the social media and texting obsession, people crave quality face-to-face time. We need it now more than ever.

Here are my tips on the four elements of great intentional party to help you and your guests connect for a memorable nurturing experience.

December 17, 2013

A Song to the Earth ~ by OMbassador Shakti Sunfire

Shakti Sunfire Hooping ClothingWhen I was 9 years old my family took a road trip to Mesa Verde National Park. A stunning cliff-side topography of desert hues, all reds and oranges littered with surprising smatterings of sage greens that held the homes of our ancestors in yawning abyss. I stood there, against and part of that backdrop in all my 9-year old wonder until an overwhelming emotion brought me to my knees and broke me open, my cries echoing off canyon walls. I faced a mirror of the Majesty of Mother Earth so powerful, so potent, so ineffable it felt as if the very coding of my soul shifted in bittersweet pain of memory not of this lifetime, but of times past. I have since referred to that moment as one of the more pivotal times of my childhood, my first profound, mystical experience... my first Soul Song to the Earth.
December 03, 2013

8 Unique Gifts for the Lover of Fashion & Flare

The OM Collection's 3 Tier Flow Pants

We know that you have a lot on your plate during the holidays, so The OM Collection has streamlined our favorite picks for the lover of fashion and flare in your life!


November 29, 2013