Why Organic Cotton Matters for Your Yoga Lifestyle

Using organic cotton is a conscious fashion statement. Discover how Organic Cotton yoga lifestyle clothing impacts your health and the health of the world. Also, Details on The OM Collection's upcoming runway show at Shine Restaurant & Gathering Space

October 23, 2013

Strength when the Tide Rises: The OM Collection during the Colorado Flood

The American spirit was tested again this September 11thThe national news was commemorating the twin towers attack and giving thanks to the heroic fire fighters that risked their lives in 2001. Meanwhile, Colorado citizens were beginning to confront their own impending disaster. The skies opened up and a heavy rain began to fall.  Colorado would not see its famous blue skies for over a week.  

The rivers and creeks rose quickly, and citizens took to the street in awe of the water's power. Facebook was inundated with images of creeks pummeling over pedestrian bridges and updates of road closures and businesses shutting their doors. At first it seemed like a novelty; college students were tubing down bike paths that were now rivers and people were enjoying an unexpected holiday. As the days of rain mounted and basements began to fill, it became clear how vulnerable modernity is in the face of Mother Nature...

This renewal leads to a few exciting announcements from The OM Collection team. Read more on our upcoming Flood Sale,  launch of a new yoga lifestyle clothing product line and our active apparel whole sale line.

October 01, 2013